Zensah Compression Arm Sleeves Review

Green Zensah Arm Sleeves from RunJunk.com
The Green Girl was thrilled to receive a pair of green Zensah Arm Sleeves from Robert from RunJunk.com.

According to the manufacturer, Zensah:
The Zensah Compression Arm Sleeves have a second-skin feel which makes them the most comfortable compression arm sleeves out there. They are made with a seamless design and ergonomic fit which increases circulation for maximum performance.

Zensah has created the best compression arm sleeves that can be worn as running, basketball, baseball, softball, cycling, triathlon, and football arm sleeves.

Benefits of Zensah Compression Arm Sleeves Design:
  • Graduated Compression - Increases circulation and oxygen blood flow, preventing the forearm muscles from becoming tight and therefore helping to reduce Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS)
  • Pin-Point Compression - Direct support at the exact source of pain for elbow injuries such as Elbow Tendonitis (can be worn as Elbow Sleeve)
  • Provide protection from sun. The Zensah compression arm sleeves shield and protect arms from harmful sunrays while the silver ions are thermal regulating, keeping the arms cool by wicking away perspiration with protection of UPF 50+

The Green Girl wearing her green Zensah Arm Sleeves
This was my first experience with compression so I wasn't sure what to expect.

I wore them the first time on a run after work. I was impressed by how soft the material was.

I wasn't exactly sure how high they were supposed to go so I yanked them up really high and they really irritated me as I was running.

I finally stopped and pulled them so they were just above my elbows. They were suddenly really comfortable once the tops of the sleeves stopped rolling down my upper arms.

They kept me surprisingly warm - I found I was able to run without a jacket with the sleeves on.

I liked the idea of having more sun protection on my arms while I'm out riding Lexa.

I really liked how they felt when I was cycling. The support felt good on my arms and my forearms actually felt less tired at the end of my ride.

The sleeves also come in a variety of fun colors:

In addition to the Zensah products, RunJunk.com also carries a great selection of nutrition and supplies for endurance athletes. They offer free shipping on all orders over $50.

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  1. I'd love to try a pair of these in green.

  2. I love the idea of not having to wear a jacket. I always start very cold and end up running with a jacket tied around my waist.

  3. I've never run with any compression wear and don't know if I will soon. I hate a jacket and usually just tough out the cold the first few minutes until I warm up.

  4. I have some Nike sleeves but they aren't compression. I think.?

    The compression ones sound interesting. Might be good for when I cycle or run long distances. Good review!

  5. I love my compression socks, and I love arm sleeves for warmth when racing in cooler temps, but I'll admit I've never seen the point in compression arm sleeves for runners. But after hard, long distance races my biceps are always sore, so maybe there's something to it.

  6. I'd like to try a pair for my early morning cool runs - as long as they're not too tight :)

  7. I've been curious about the arm sleeves, I love compression socks. I like the idea of the extra protection from the sun!

  8. Always wondered what they would feel like. Glad they could get you a green pair!


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