The Green Girl and Lexa's First Group Ride

The Green Girl and Lexa
Sunday morning, the Green Girl and Lexa went on their first group ride with a couple of Sole Runners, Isabelle and Kathleen.

The morning was cool and damp with a mixture of the marine layer and a light drizzle. I was grateful for the warmth of my Zensah Compression Sleeves on my arms.

We started off just south of the Huntington Beach Pier and then we headed east on the Santa Ana River Trail.

Kathleen and Isabelle
I had concerns I wouldn't be able to keep up with Isabelle and Kathleen but we maintained a comfortable pace.

Along the way, Isabelle offered some pointers she had picked up from her triathlon classes and I shared some of the things Coach Steve had taught me.

I focused on staying in my portion of the lane so I wouldn't hit either one of the girls.

On our way back, as we were going under a wide overpass, I saw the most terrifying thing ever.

I looked up to my left and saw a number of what appeared to be homeless people perched at the top of the cement wall just below the street above. Lining the entire length of the wall were what I presumed to be stolen bicycles.

The Green Girl and Lexa with the Anaheim Angels Stadium in the background
When we were a safe distance from the scene from a horror movie, Isabelle reminded us never to ride alone on river trail alone. No argument from me.

We ended up doing a total of 30 miles.

I had a really good time and I'm definitely looking forward to future rides with Isabelle and Kathleen.


  1. Awesome. A good mileage ride, and you started honing those handling skillz in a group. Very nice....

  2. Sounds like a fun ride! I wouldnt imagine going out for 30 miles by myself. It would be nice to have the companionship of the group and to learn the ropes from them.

  3. You are really getting into it. Good job. Hope Lexa liked the ride as much as you did.

  4. Yikes! I still get nervous when I am out alone running. I'm just a big chicken. You be careful out there!

  5. That sounds like it was very creepy. Good thing you were with a group!

  6. Awesome job! 30 miles is great for one of your first big rides. Sad about the homeless crew!


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