Sole Runners June Monthly Social

McKenna's On The Bay
Last night was the Sole Runners at McKenna's On The Bay.

A warm day had cooled to the perfect evening for a dinner and drinks overlooking an Alamitos Bay sunset.

Coach Steve was already seated on the patio when I arrived.

Mentor Barb in her sexy shoes and the Green Girl
We placed our orders and chatted as other sole Runners trickled in.

Coach Steve congratulated me on my first 30 mile ride and group experience.

It was announced that our next destination race would be the Honolulu Marathon in December.

I politely declined and explained the Tour DaVita in September was already a significant financial investment for me.

Sole Runners June Monthly Social
I congratulated some first time marathoners on completing the San Diego Rock 'n' Roll Marathon a few weeks ago.

I enjoy talking to new runners because their excitement is contagious and it's so refreshing to see that sense of accomplishment in their eyes.

One thing I really love about my running group is how friendly everyone is.

The Green Girl and Mentor Bill
It's only natural that some friendships have been formed in the group but I never get the sense that there are 'exclusive' cliques.

After indulging in some tasty appetizers and satisfying conversation, I headed out for a short run.


  1. You make me want to join a running group! Hawaii would be tempting...

  2. What a cool group to be a part of!

  3. I know Hawaii would be an awesome trip but I can't think it's be an awesome marathon - too hot and humid. I think you made the wise choice with the tour trip, will be so exciting!! :)

  4. And you just had to go for a run afterwards! I've seen all the good things about this group via your blog and think it is fantastic.

  5. Wow - you passed on Honalulu? I'm sure the words "I'M IN!" would have come out of my mouth faster than I could check my bank account.

  6. I love how you went running after!! That tour trip sounds like it would be something different to do, I think I would choose that over Hawaii too. : )


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