The Green Girl and Lexa's Back-to-Back Long Rides

The Green Girl and Lexa
The Green Girl and Lexa decided to take advantage of the Fourth of July holiday weekend by going on back-to-back long rides in preparation for the three day Tour DaVita.

Sunday morning, we joined Sole Runners, Isabelle, Kathleen, and Monica, for an easy 30 mile ride on the Santa Ana River Trail.

Sole Runners Kathleen, Isabelle, and Monica
After riding every other day for a couple of months now, I am starting to feel more confident in my cycling ability.

The marine layer was absent and the weather was much warmer than past weekends.

The morning of July Fourth, I met up with another Sole Runner, Richard, at the El Dorado Neighborhood Library parking lot and we headed north on the San Gabriel River Trail.

San Gabriel River Trail
We had hoped to beat the heat by getting an early start but it was already hot. I was well prepared with plenty of sports drink and water.

I was pleasantly surprised by how good my body felt after doing 30 miles the day before.

Richard removing the flat tire
We were about halfway into our ride when I heard a pop from Richard's tire and then we could hear it deflating.

To avoid the scorching heat, we exited the river trail and set up shop in the shade of a gas station.

Neither one of us had ever changed a tube before but I assured him I was confident I could do it.

The Green Girl inflating the tube with the C02
Interestingly enough, we identified a cut in the tire itself but we could not find a tear in the tube. We even blew it up out of curiosity and it didn't lose any air.

A half hour later, we were on our way to continue our 50 mile ride in the hot Southern California sun.


  1. You are becoming quite the cyclist it seems, well done. On that photo I can see the size difference between Lexa and the other bike. Love it!

  2. You are doing awesome!!

    And hey! You won my giveaway last week and I haven't from you. Check it out and let me know what you prize you want and get back to me. :)

  3. cycle on running girl, cycle on

  4. Love that you can ue the phrase "easy 30 mile ride." :)

  5. That is so crazy that the tube blew up again and didn't lose air. Did you re-use it or put in a new one?

  6. Thank you so much, you guys!

    Julie, we decided not to take a chance so we put a brand new tube on but he kept the old one since we couldn't make it leak air.

  7. I dread the day I get a flat - I have all the gear to fix it but no idea HOW to fix it.

    Woohooo for the wedding company!! ;)


  8. I hate flats! My husband used to get so many we called him flat boy. Sounds and looks like a great ride!

  9. I am so cooked when the day comes that I get a flat. Guess that's what my phone is for.
    You're doing SO great on the bike!

  10. I love Lexa! She is small but mighty!!! (Must be Betsy's little sis=)

  11. Great job on managing that flat with such confidence! I really need to learn how to maintain my bike.

    With all your cycling, is there a du or a tri in your future?


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