The Green Girl's Saturday Morning Queen Mary Run

Sole Runners heading out for a Saturday morning run
Last Saturday, the Green Girl joined the Sole Runners at Marina Vista Park for another long run.

My right hamstring was still sore from last week's run so I opted to do this run sans metronome.

The morning warmed quickly and I found myself drinking more sports drink and water than usual.

Sole Runners at the The Queen Mary
For the first time, I ran all the way to Queen Mary and I finally got to partake in the Sole Runners tradition of 'touching the Queen'.

On the way back, I stopped at a convenience store to get something cold and sweet to drink. I also slowed down and walked quite a bit with another Sole Runner, Felicia.

I managed to do 14.17 miles in 3:12.

The Green Girl with Jill from Run With Jill at Yogurtland
In the evening, I met up with Jill from Run With Jill and her son, Brandon.

They were in town to hike Mount Whitney.

After having Pinkberry with Jill in Denver last month, I was looking forward to introducing her to my favorite self-serve frozen yogurt place, Yogurtland.

Keroppi loves Plain Tart (just like the Green Girl!)
Jill and I had a great time catching up and talking about everything and anything.

I'm disappointed I won't be able to make it to Meg from Meg Runs!'s upcoming blogger get together but I have a coworker's wedding to attend up in Camarillo this weekend.


  1. Seems like a nice run with the Sole Runners again. You are lucky to have that group to run with. Have a super weekend!

  2. Am I the only person who does not know what Youghurtland is? I will have to see if they are in my area. I love yoghurt!

  3. you and jill in the same place? how does that even happen?

  4. I love fro yo but have never seen a yogurt land. Sounds big with lots of toppings!

  5. That is a great run. I don't want to touch the Queen ! And do you get green yougurt ?

  6. Nice job G.G. I saw Jill last night and we had fun even though you weren't there.

  7. Ewa, I was wondering what Yogurtland was as well. I feel like such a square...
    Hope the hamstring is better and the wedding was a blast!

  8. Hope your hammy is better. That kind of stuff is so annoying to deal with while training for a race. Yoghurtland is awesome!


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