Blog Action Day 2012: Tumaini for the Future

Blog Action Day was founded in 2007 to bring together bloggers from different countries, interests and languages to blog about one important global topic on the same day.

The Blog Action Theme for 2012 is 'The Power of We' to celebrate people working together to make a positive difference in the world.

Tumaini for the Future

The Green Girl met a Kenyan runner, Moses Waweru, last year at the 13.1 Chicago Half Marathon.

Moses is originally from Nakuru, Kenya. He currently resides in the Midwest in Wisconsin.

When Moses visited Nakuru last September, a local school teacher reached out to him.

The teacher explained the parents of the school children in her class could not afford the tuition and consequently, she had fallen behind on rent, and did not have money to purchase ugali (cornmeal) and tea to feed the students.

Moses vowed to do everything in his power to help this teacher keep her school and continue to provide an education for these children.

Moses Waweru with the Tumaini for the Future school children in Nakuru, Kenya

As soon as he returned to the US, he transformed his vision into Tumaini for the Future.

The future home of the Tumaini School
Tumaini means Hope in Swahili.

Moses founded the non-profit organization Tumaini for the Future to provide educational opportunities for underserved youth in his hometown of Nakuru, Kenya.

When Moses spoke to the school teacher, he discovered the ugali and tea served at school is sometimes the only nourishment the children get.

Unloading the Tumaini School building materials
Tumaini for the Future needs your support. $100 US donated to Tumaini for the Future will feed all of the Tumaini school children for an entire month.

Tumaini for the Future is also raising money to build a new school which will be called the Tumaini School. The goal is to raise $10,000. The land and some building materials have already been purchased.

Sole Runners running for Tumaini for the Future
Tumaini for the Future has no administrative overhead so 100% of your donations will go directly to the Tumaini School.

Tumaini for the Future has partnered with Coach Steve Mackel and his running group, the Sole Runners, to help spread awareness.

Sole Runners donating used running shoes and clothing
The Sole Runners also collect used running shoes and clothing for Moses to take back to aspiring runners in Kenya.

Please help celebrate and make the Tumaini for the Future dream come true by spreading awareness to your family and friends.


  1. Great message, and good reminder to think about others. We get so caught up in America with the latest gadgets, etc., that sometimes we forget that there are people who can't afford tea and cornmeal.

  2. Retweeted and like in FAcebook. Interesting and note worthy. It's a good cause.


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