Sole Runners at the Long Beach Marathon

The Green Girl and Moses Waweru joined the Sole Runners for the Long Beach Marathon.

Coach Steve kicked the race weekend off with the Sole Runners group picture in front of the Long Beach Convention Center.

Moses Waweru with the STARTS runners before the Kids 1 Mile Fun Run
Before heading to the race expo, Moses went over to the Aquarium of the Pacific Kids 1 Mile Fun Run to show his support for a group of school children who were participating in the fun run as part of Long Beach's Grace United Methodist Church's Yes We Serve STARTS youth organization.

Moses Waweru with the STARTS runners after the Kids 1 Mile Fun Run
STARTS stands for 'Soaring To Achieve, Reaching To Succeed'.

The non-profit organization provides afterschool activities such as art classes, dance and sports instruction, theatre training, and tutoring for underprivileged first through third graders.

After cheering the SMART runners on the course, Moses congratulated the finishers on a successful race.

The Green Girl test drove her dream car, the Beetle
After the Fun Run, we headed over to the Long Beach Convention Center for the race expo.

The highlight of the expo for me was the opportunity to finally test drive my dream car - a Beetle. Except it wasn't lime green.

Coach Steve leading the ChiRunning Body Looseners
Pre-race Sunday morning, Coach Steve led all the Sole Runners through the ChiRunning body looseners.

Before the runners headed to their respective corrals, the Sole Runners formed the traditional Sole Runners pre-race team huddle.

Coach Steve leading the Sole Runners pre-race team huddle
Once the race started, we headed over to Mile 6 to cheer the Sole Runners as they ran by on the beach path.

In addition to the Kids 1 Mile Fun Run, Marathon and Half-Marathon, there was also a Run Forrest Run 5k which started shortly after the marathon and half-marathon.

Moses Waweru at the Run Forrest Run 5k Starting Line
Moses finished the Run Forrest Run 5k in 15:20.

After the 5k, I headed out onto the course to cheer on the back of the packers.

Other support Sole Runners were out there, including Coach Steve, making sure all our runners were okay.

Sole Runners Charlie, Moses Waweru, and Coach Steve
The Sole Runners tents didn't go down until every last Sole Runner runner had crossed that finish line.

It was the end of another successful season and Long Beach Marathon for the Sole Runners.

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  1. Looks like fun! 15:20 for a 5k? Wow! I take it he won the race?


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