Trek Lexa SLX XS (43 cm) Road Bike Accessories

Trek Lexa SLX XS (43 cm) in Satin Crystal Pearl White/Sparkling Silver/Platinum
The Green Girl loves her Trek Lexa SLX XS (43 cm) road bike.

Since I purchased Lexa, I've received a number of inquiries from fellow shorties regarding the XS (43 cm) model.

For the record, I am an exactly 4'10.5" tall Green Girl with an approximately 27" inseam. The biggest obstacle for me was to find a bike with a low enough standover for me to actually stand over it.

The 2012 Lexa didn't come in the 43 cm size but according to Trek, the 2013 will include a 43 cm.

The Green Girl and Lexa at the End of Boardwalk along the Balboa Peninsula
I love how Lexa fits perfectly in the trunk of my 2009 Toyota Camry with the backseats down.

Her rear tires protrude slightly onto the backseats so I just tuck a tarp over her. No one would ever guess there was a road bike in my car.

As one might imagine, the smaller, women-specific geometry is somewhat restrictive in terms of accessory options.

The Green Girl and Lexa at the Tour DaVita Century Finish
For example, for those interested in purchasing a U-lock, please keep in mind due to the limited space on the frame, you will need to carry it on you in your pack.

I purchased a small U-lock but I've never used it since I discovered Lexa is small enough to roll into public restroom stalls when I'm out on long solo rides.

The smaller frame will only accommodate a single bottle cage so I always wear a Nathan Intensity hydration vest. I put sports drink in the bottle and water in the hydration pack.

The Green Girl and Lexa travel with spare tires and tubes
Most adult road bikes have 700c wheels but the smaller Lexa SLX XS features 650c wheels.

In terms of tire replacement, I am currently using 650c x 23mm Continental Ultra Gatorskin Tires.

For spare tubes, I purchase standard thickness butyl tubes in size 650c x18/23mm with 48mm long presta valves.

When I travel with Lexa, I carry two spare tires and a few extra tubes because I know the 650c size is not common like the 700c.

Lexa and her Serfas LT-2 Medium Speed Bag in Laguna Nigel
I store all my cycling essentials in a Serfas LT-2 Medium Speed Bag.

The only modification I had to make to the Serfas Speed Bag was to trim the velcro straps since they were extending past the saddle and irritating me when I was cycling.

Lexa on the Long Beach Bike Path
If you are in the market for a bike trainer I would just take extra care to make sure the trainer will be able to accommodate a smaller bike. There have been instances where Lexa was too small for the trainer at the bike shop.

Lexa was absolutely one of the best investments the Green Girl ever made.


  1. I can tell you LOVE your bike! I wish I had bought a road bike instead of a hybrid, but I have to love the one I have for now.

  2. That's it, I'm cutting off my feet so I am tons shorter and can get the condensed version of our bike, you have way more perks than I have! :)

    Miss you tons and so need to get a phone chat going soon!!



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