Run Like It's Recess 5k Race Report

The Green Girl ran the Run Like It's Recess 5k this morning at El Dorado East Regional Park along with a number of Sole Runners.

The Run Like It's Recess event featured a 5k run/walk, 1k kids run/walk, and 50-yard Toddler Run.

The race benefited a local school, Newcomb Elementary.

The morning started off with some light drizzles but the sky cleared up as the race start approached.

Run Like It's Recess 5k backpack, shirt, and goodies
The event was well staffed with volunteers and the late registration process went smoothly.

I wasn't expecting a goodie bag so I was thrilled when I received a green Run Like It's Recess backpack containing a race shirt, an anti-bacterial gel from the LBS Financial Credit Union (the bottle fits the holder on my Nathan Trail Mix belt), a Newcomb Elementary water bottle, and a Naked Juice berry blast lip balm.

The Green Girl and the Sole Runners before the Run Like It's Recess 5k
I went into this race without any expectations. I'm still struggling to build up mileage without aggravating the Achilles tendon bursitis (retrocalcaneal bursitis) in my right heel.

Before the race start, they warmed up all the runners with some upbeat music and exercises.

Run Like It's Recess 5k pre-race warm-up
As we crossed the Starting Line, my body felt good so I immediately fell into a brisk pace.

I managed to do the first mile in an even 9 minutes but I couldn't maintain that pace beyond Mile 1.

I slowed down significantly on the second mile but continued to try to push myself.

The Green Girl's 5k PR 32:53:55
I wasn't able to make it to Mile 2 without a walk break. I tried to catch my breath and pull myself together before I started running again.

I dug as deep as I could for the last mile and really engaged that ChiRunning lean.

I couldn't believe it when I got to the Finish Line and the clock read 00:32:xx.

Run Like It's Recess 5k Finisher Pancakes
According to Mr. Orange Garmin, I finished in 32:52:55. I unofficially shaved almost two minutes off my 2011 Wrigley River Run 5k time of 34:41.

As I exited the chute, Coach Steve congratulated me on my PR and advised I keep moving since I was breathing so hard.

Mixing the Run Like It's Recess 5k pancake batter
Fresh pancakes complete with strawberries and whipped cream were served to the finishers.

I was pleasantly surprised and pleased with my performance today. And grateful that my Achilles wasn't aggravated.

For the past few months, I've been working with a personal trainer, Chris from Beach Cities Mobile Fitness, to correct my biomechanical running issues through strength training.

It was nice to see that work paying off. Even though I'm not in good running shape, I was able to run a pain-free 5k today and unofficially PR by almost two minutes!


  1. Well done and congrats on the PR! That is awesome Mary! Looks like it was a really good event. Keep it going!


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