The Green Girl Is Back In Business

This morning, the Green Girl met up with her running group, the Sole Runners, at Marina Vista Park.

In addition to my new orthotics, I also taped up my arch as a reinforcement.

I tried to stretch my calves as much as possible because the podiatrist had noticed my insanely tight calves and mentioned I need to stretch them more. I also purchased The Stick a few weeks ago and I've been using it on my calves a lot.

I started out slow. I wanted to see how my foot felt. I had gotten so accustomed to having that arch pad supporting my foot that I feel insecure without it now. Amazingly enough, my foot felt good. I felt like the orthotic was really supporting my arch.

I ended up running all the way to the Belmont Pool and back without stopping. I couldn't believe it.

On my way back, I saw Coach Steve and he asked me how my foot was and I told him I was feeling good.

Yes, my friends, the Green Girl managed to run 6.9 miles today. I would have tried for an even 7 but I was really really tired.


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