The Green Girl Needs Some Running Advice

The Green Girl needs some running advice. I have seven weeks until the San Francisco Half Marathon.

I haven't run in months. I somehow managed to do the Wrigley River Run 5k yesterday in 00:37:59 but when I woke up this morning, my legs felt like I had done a 15 miler.

My foot is feeling a lot better but it's not 100%. I have the follow-up visit with the podiatrist tomorrow to discuss orthotics.

What do you guys think I should focus on in these seven weeks? My only goal for San Francisco is to cross the finish line in one piece. I am not trying to PR and I don't care if I walk more than I run - I just want to finish. I'm terrified to push my foot too much so I don't want to do too much running but I'm also concerned I'm going to have a rough time with the hills in San Francisco. I was pretty tired yesterday at mile 1.3 and after that, I walked quite a bit.

To try and heal my foot, I hardly worked out at all the past two weeks. I did some crunches and push-ups but I lost motivation and slacked big-time. When I kickboxed today, I realized how much fitness I lost in just two weeks.

I was thinking if the orthotics give my foot enough support, perhaps I could start training on the elliptical again and essentially do the bulk on my training on the elliptical. What do you guys think? That way I could regain my cardiovascular fitness but - assuming my foot isn't bothered by the elliptical with the orthotics like it is right now - not put too much strain on my foot.


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