The Green Girl Officially Has Posterior Tibial Tendonitis

The Green Girl finally broke down after three months and went to see a licensed professional - a podiatrist today. He confirmed my Internet self-diagnosis of posterior tibial tendonitis. The good news - the silver lining, if you will - is that he was impressed I was still capable of doing on my tiptoes without any pain. He said that means the tendon is still working to a certain extent.

He taped up my foot with an arch pad and he wants me to leave it on for a week and see if it helps. If it does help, he recommends I get some custom orthotics.

I miss running so much. At first, I was watching movies about running and listening to running podcasts while I commuted to my new job. Now I'm at the point that I can't even read an issue of Runner's World because it makes me so depressed. I haven't been posting because I can't bring myself to write about my lack of running. I also feel like there's nothing I can do for a prolonged period of time. The elliptical and the stationary bike make my foot hurt, too. I keep saying I'll go swimming but for some reason, I can't get myself to get my stuff together and go.

When I asked him about the San Francisco Half Marathon, he refused to give me a straight response but commented that 'wasn't much time'.


  1. i have been diagnosed with posterior tibial tendonitis. i've never been more depressed in my life. i haven't run in weeks and i'm going CRAZY! my custom orthotics will be in this week- did yours really turn around your injury that quickly??

    thanks so much for any support, advice or encouragement you can offer.

  2. Hey, I'm truly sorry to hear about your diagnosis, alnblueonu. How bad is your injury? Are you able to put your full weight on your foot at this point?

    In my case, I injured myself back in January of 2009. I somehow managed to complete the Surf City Half Marathon after taping it up per my doctor's instructions.

    After that, I basically stopped running for months. I still kickboxed - which probably didn't help the situation, but it was so painful, I couldn't even put my full weight on my foot.

    I truly believe if I'd gotten the orthotics sooner, I could have gone with a shorter rest period and then eased back into running with the orthotics.

    I would also suggest doing some of the exercises for posterior tibial tendonitis but don't overdo it.


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