Wrigley River Run 5k Race Report

The Green Girl did the Wrigley River Run 5k today. This was a last minute decision after a little nudging from her good running friend, Rad Runner Girl.

When we got there, I was so excited to see Penny had parked right next to us. I had been hoping to run into her for awhile now and it was so good to finally meet her. She also introduced Rad Runner Girl and me to The Running Fat Guy. I also saw a whole bunch of fellow Sole Runners.

My right foot was feeling pretty good after being all taped up with arch support for almost a week, so instead of walking the entire thing, I decided to see if I could jog some of it. I walked up to the Starting Line and then I started carefully jogging. When I didn't feel any pain, I relaxed and started running. I guess my body was so excited to run again that it forgot that I'm the Slow Running Green Girl and when I looked at Mr. Green Garmin, I discovered I was doing a 10.5 minute mile! I slowed down immediately because I didn't want to push my foot too much.

I walked quite a bit of the race because my calves were screaming at me. I struggle with tight calves and I haven't been running so this didn't surprise me. I did find comfort in an old 'friend' nagging me instead of my arch.

After I crossed the Finish Line, I was so excited to see Rad Runner GirlI thought the 10k would have already started. I was so excited that I got to watch her cross the Starting Line.

It was really good to talk to Penny because she had experienced similar problems with her foot and she said the custom orthotics really helped her. Talking to people who have had the same issues with their foot makes me feel a lot better - especially when they are still able to run.

I waited for Rad Runner Girl near the finish. I was bummed, though, because someone got in the way of my shot of her crossing the Finish Line.

It was a really good day. I'm so glad Rad Runner Girl talked me into doing the 5k because it really helped raise my running self-confidence.


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