Coto de Caza Half Marathon Race Report Plus

Along with two Sole Runners, Barb and Miyuki, the Green Girl did the Coto de Caza Half Marathon yesterday.

The race followed the same route as the Rockin' The Coto Trail Half Marathon I did back in August.

Like most Charlie Alewine Racing races, this one was capped at 25 runners. The course was on horse trails in the gated community of Coto de Caza in Orange County.

Barb was concerned that her beloved dog, Sassy, would get eaten by mountain lions and I'm sure the 'BEWARE' sign did nothing to alleviate her concerns.

Charlie reassured us that we would be just fine as long as we stuck to the horse trails.

When we arrived at the Starting Line, it was still pitch black outside. I stared up at the sky and admired the constellations. My favorite has always been Orion, The Hunter.

As we headed out, we were grateful for the cool October morning.

Barb, Miyuki, and I stayed together for the first half of the race. We chatted and lauded the beautiful scenery.

I felt really good. My right calf was a little tight starting out but it loosened up within the first few miles.

As we looped back from the halfway point, it started warming up.

As a girl who doesn't do well with heat, I started melting. I walked the last couple of miles. It was hot and I also needed to conserve energy because the three of us were going to run another 7 miles to get in 20 miles for the day.

We crossed the Finish Line, took a bathroom break, refilled our bottles, and headed back out there.

It was so hot that the only way I could keep myself going was to tell myself I could stop for a walk break at the next shade. I also decided to put on my headphones and listen to some music.

I felt like the hills were making themselves steeper and longer as I trudged up them. At one point, I just stopped and stared up at dirt incline. I was too tired to take another step so I took a picture.

Needless to say, despite the scorching sun, Barb, Miyuki, and I managed to get in our last long run before the Athens Classic Marathon, and we got a cool medal along the way.


  1. Nice photos.. and congrats on getting in that last 20! Wow.. I can't imagine doing 20 (yet). Looking forward to your Athens posts!

  2. nice job!!

    congrats on the long run & race finish!

  3. Even if it must be a tough route I think it is beautiful to run through such places. Beautiful pictures and nice report. Congrats for the half.

  4. 25 runners? That's cool. Great job sticking through in the heat and also getting in your last 20 miler!!

  5. Love your RR's and awesome photos as usual! That is one cool medal!! Congrats on the half!

  6. Wow, that hill does look hot and tough - you rock tackling that thing!!
    Orion is my favorite, too. :-)

  7. That looks and sounds tough! Way to get it done! And you are braver than me--I probably would have chickened out at that sign.

  8. Congrats on another check on the race calendar - looks like it was a great one. Very cool medal - that's why I like racing in Calif, cool stuff :). Have a great week, Greenie!!

  9. That's sounds like an awesome race. And the medal is nice looking as well. Nice Job.

    BTW good catch on the jeans. They are indeed rolled.

  10. This is a very cool medal. Congrats
    I like Orion too.
    This is yet another post about cool October weather. This does it. I am moving. We hit mid 80's today, and tomorrow... 90!
    Liked your pics.

  11. Sounds like you did an awesome job on the 20 miler! I don't like running in the heat, and can just imagine your discomfort. Now you are ready for Athens! You will rock it!

  12. That is a really *cool* medal. I'm gonna have to do one of these races myself soon.
    Congrats on getting in your 20 miles before Athens. You are going to have so much fun running that marathon. Hugs, Girl!

  13. Well done! Great race and medal. I LOVE small races! Those pictures are beautiful. Haha, I often stop like that and take a photo before I scrape together the energy to go up a hill. Fantastic run for 20 miles!

  14. Good job continuing. I hate running in the heat, too. That hill looks pretty steep!

  15. The running mermaid said...
    After reading that sign, I would be worried too! LOL
    Great job Green Girl, you'll do great in Athens. :-)
    Awesome medal!

  16. Wow! Go Mary! I think that the hard part of this run will make you THAT MUCH stronger for Greece :)
    Well deserved metal!


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