Good Luck To All The Runners From The Green Girl

The Green Girl would like to send her good luck wishes to all the runners racing this weekend.

Happy 30th birthday and happy racing to Sheridan from Running through Life at the Louisville Half Marathon.

I wish Brandon from Barefoot Brandon all the best at his last half marathon of the year, the Amica Half Marathon.

Happy running to Andrew from Running Man Wannabe at the Waterloo 5k/10k Oktoberfest Run.

Good luck to Katherine from Forward Foot Strikes and Leah from Chasing Atalanta at the Toronto Half and Full Marathon.

Best of luck to Suzy from Countdown to 26.2 at the Kansas City Half Marathon.

And good luck to Erica from Rad Runner Girl, Glenn from The Running Fat Guy, Jay from Tri2Thrive, Lisa from Discovering the Meaning of Stonehenge, Mags from Run Happy, P from Adventures of an Average Athlete, Penny from Planet Ynnep Running, Slomochusky from Life's Too Short Not To Run, and all the runners doing the Long Beach Half or Full Marathon.

I will be at Mile 13 cheering all the marathoners on in my Sole Runners shirt.


  1. oops I thought you were running this weekend? my mistake. thanks for the cheer squad.

  2. I saw you missed Andrew (also) and got the 30 lashes from him and revised the blog (also). Haha. That Andrew!!! You're so sweet to shout everyone out, and link them. I was WAY too lazy to do that!

  3. Yeah, what Emz said, Green Girl Rocks. That is awesome that you linked everyone too!

  4. Wow, you know lots of runners. It's amazing how at first it seems like running is a small club -- but really, it's enormous.

    I'm racing this weekend too! A fun little run benefiting the families of soldiers who have died -- "a race for the fallen."

    Hope you have a good journey this weekend too!

  5. You are special to send wishes to runners like that! Awesome!

  6. See you tonight!

    Sorry I'll miss you tomorrow. Mile 13 is out past the marathon/half split. I remember you guys at the L.A. Marathon were a Godsend out on the course.

  7. Hi Green Girl, looks like we follow some of the same awesome people like Jill, Andrew, Patrick, Johann, and of course, the Raddest of them all: Rad Runner. I am a fellow So Cal resident. I invite you to take a test drive on my Blog.

  8. Aw, thanks so much! I wish I had seen this before my race, which was actually Detroit, but no matter, I was in Canada for a few miles!


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