The Green Girl Is Ready For The Παναθηναϊκό στάδιο

Last night, the Green Girl attended another Sole Runners Athens Classic Marathon dinner at George's Greek Cafe.

The organizer, LeAnn, printed and handed out copies of The Green Girl's Athens Marathon Packing List.

LeAnn also invited a former Athens Classic Marathon participant, Salvador, to speak to us and answer questions about the race.

Salvador was extremely informative and helpful. He said he felt the race was well supported and the locals were friendly and welcoming.

He described the prodigious race finish in the white marble Panathinaiko Stadium, Παναθηναϊκό στάδιο in Greek, but warned us that the marble can be slippery.

I enjoyed chatting with the other Sole Runners. We compared our travel preparation techniques and talked about our training. We commiserated over each other's aches and pains.

A number of us discussed how we are going to take advantage of a service that will allow us to drop stuff off at the expo and pick them items back up at designated kilometer aid stations. I mentioned I am going to pick items that will be 'nice to haves' but not critical because I am one of those 'worst case scenario' Green Girls.

After completing my last long run this past weekend, I am feeling good about this race.

I've been feeling some posterior tendon tenderness on both feet after my long runs but I've been able to manage the posterior tibial tendonitis on the right side with icing and taping.

Once the marathon is over, I plan on cutting back on mileage and placing more emphasis on the posterior tibial tendonitis exercises to strengthen both sides.

The plantar fascia taping seems to have done the trick and I no longer have sharp pain in random locations on my right foot. I still plan on getting taped one more time before I leave just for good measure.

I am thrilled to report that the knee exercises prescribed by Dr. Sebastian Gonzales from P3 Sports Care have cured my inner knee pain. I can't believe a little exercise with some resistance could make such a difference.

Now that I am feeling comfortable that my body is ready, it's time for me to start packing and mentally preparing myself for the journey.

I am really looking forward to crossing the finish line in the historic Panathinaiko Stadium and adding a Greek flag charm to my bracelet to symbolize the completion of another marathon.



  1. This is so exciting!
    Do you think you could post FROM the race so we have up to the minute updates? :)
    I am so excited for you.
    How long will you be in Greece before the race? Will you have time to get rid of jet lag?

  2. sooo awesome you are heading to another country for such a big race.

    good luck!

  3. So cool! I think more people need to do these types of runs! It not only is a challenge physically, but a whole travel adventure as well.

    Green Girl, I tagged you as a versatile blogger here.

  4. So excited for you! Can't wait to hear about your awesome adventure!!!

  5. I'm very impressed you could make your keyboard do those funky letters in your title :). I'm just not very computer smart though. Ha. I'm soooo excited for you. Please take me along in your suitcase!!!

  6. That will be super fun. Like Sushi in Japan. Or Guinness in Dublin. 100 times better of course.

  7. I am just so excited for you, crazy about the marble being slippery!

    Glad the taping is helping you out, sounds like you're all set!

    Sending you more good race vibes!!

  8. Just found your blog... VERY Cool! You just got yourself another follower, my friend. Haha! Thanks for the post.

  9. This is fantastic! You must be so excited. This will be an incredible experience.


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