The Green Girl's Motivational Collage

The Green Girl decided the time had come to update her Motivational Collage again.

The first time I created a motivational collage was for a couple of SparkPeople challenges. One activity involved assembling a visual college. The other was the creation of a visual motivator.

As a visual person, I took it upon myself to combine the two activities into a single collage. I felt my visions were synonymous with my motivators.

After I created my first collage, I printed it out on sticky paper and stuck it in places where I felt it would hold the most significance for me.

My updated collage reflects the following:
I like how the collage serves as a constant reminder of my objectives. The visual helps keep me accountable and focused on my goals.

As I reach the milestones, I get a certain sense of satisfaction from being able to remove the completed items.


  1. That's very cool - I'm usually not good with external motivators. If I'm not feeling like doing something, it's unlikely to get done. To be obvious though, I'm a compulsibe listmaker. They're more organizational than motivational.

  2. I'm a compulsive list maker as well. I guess, for me, lists serve as both a organizational and motivational tool.

  3. Speaking of motivation, James from The Runner's Bug is looking for ways to motivate him to do cross training.

    Maybe you guys could harp in and give him some help.

    I'm like Kovas. If I don't want to do it, having my wife remind me 300 times a day, just pisses me off - it still doesn't get done.

    CERT looks really cool - it has a tone of adventure to it, but it's balanced with community service.

    What's Say Goodbye ... went to the site - is it a bucket list?

  4. I agree that if I don't want to do something, unless I can find some intrinsic value, it's not going to happen.

    Say Goodbye is the act of formally letting go of something you've been holding on to. There are some unresolved issues in my life that I'd like to let go once and for all.

  5. Great chart mS. organizational! I love how into it you are, and I know you will rock every single one of those tasks!Go Mary!

  6. I love your updated collage, and what a very cool idea. I clicked on the GOODBYE icon b/c I was curious who you were saying goodbye to (and praying it wasn't me :/) and I think that's a GREAT idea!!! I need to say goodbye to many bad habits and people. YAY for you!! Was thinking about you and Athens this morning as I was sorting out some things in my life. :) ((hugs))

  7. cool about saying goodbye

    I think I need to say goodbye to my 2nd year University complex analysis text book - it's been 20 years but I may need it one day

    good luck on saying goodbye - it's hard

  8. Thank you, Rad Runner Girl.

    Jill, I hope you can eventually say goodbye to the things you need to let go of. It's certainly not an easy thing to do. I haven't figured out how I will ceremoniously do it yet. I also wish you all the best sorting out those things in your life. I know how difficult it can be.

    Andrew, what is complex analysis? It sounds hard.

  9. I am not a particularly visual person, so this is very interesting! A good way of assessing the moment you are in. Having said that, I did cut out a picture of Dean Karnazes from a cereal box, and used it for a while as a tea coaster. It reminded me that I just needed to keep going. Let us know how the list progresses!

  10. That is a neat idea...had never seen one before! And it seems to be working for you, which is even better!

  11. Sounds like a great way to keep your goals in front of you! Way to go Mary.
    I need to say goodbye to someone...
    I think I'll read that article, "Learning To Love You More"

  12. Very cool indeed!Cisco...I'm really impressed!


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