The Green Girl's Sole Runners Saturday Morning Run

The Green Girl joined the Sole Runners for her Saturday run this morning.

We started out at Marina Vista Park and then headed towards the Long Beach State campus. In preparation for the Long Beach Marathon, we ran the second half of the marathon route.

I went by the University Print Shop where I worked part-time as a receptionist when I was getting my undergraduate degree.

Today was one of those days where I just couldn't seem to get into my run. I struggled the first five miles and then finally got into the groove.

When I saw the Foundation Building, I remembered how back when I was a student, we'd refer to it as the 'pancake building' because we thought it looked like hotcakes with syrup in between.

I spotted another Sole Runner, LeAnn, chewing on a Luna Moon and I asked her where she got them because I've been having a hard time finding them lately and she told me she had a bad feeling they were discontinued*.

As I mentioned before, I've been experimenting with sports nutrition in preparation for the Athens Classic Marathon and I really liked the watermelon Luna Moons. Today, I tried to finish off my package of Black Cherry Shot Bloks but they are just too big and I don't particularly like them.

After running around the university campus, we headed back towards Marina Park and out to the ocean bike path.

As I was running over the Naples Canal, I saw something I'd never seen before - water bikes.

The weather started to warm up and my pace slowed but I kept on going.

When I got to the beach path, I couldn't help but admire the contrast of the bright blue sky and the pale sand on the beach.

I felt tired but good when I got back to Marina Vista Park for post-run yoga.

* Based on my Internet research and the fact that the Luna site no longer lists Luna Moons as one of their products, LeAnn is right - no more Luna Moons. ::cries::


  1. Good job on your run! The pictures are beautiful. I need to start taking my camera on my runs. I just don't know if it'd bother me. Water bikes look cool! I want one! :)

  2. Thank you, girl! Taking pictures is one of my favorite things to do in life. ::smiles::

    I think I just might want to try one of those water bikes!

  3. This looks like a lovely run. There is something quite suggestive about running near water, and your pics are lovely. Yes, I know that feeling about starting a run and struggling in the first few miles. Kudos to you finishing, and getting the yoga in!

  4. Hi Greenie...
    So glad to hear that your run went well after a few miles - that's always me, I feel icky until about mile 3-4 before everything shakes itself out on a long run.

    Have you tried Honey Stinger chews? OMG, I don't even like chews but these things are majorly yummy (they are a Colorado-based company to boot :) )....if you can't find them and wanna try them. Everyone raves about them.

    I thought that picture at the top was one of the Great Pyrmids in Egypt and I thought: holy moley, where has that girl gone now?? Hehe.


  5. Here is the website for the Stingers, sorry meant to send that last comment.

  6. Thank you, Natalia. It was definitely one of those days when things were taking longer than usual.

    Jill, your comment made me laugh so hard! I wish I was in Egypt but I'm thinking my pace would be more like a 30 minute mile in that dry heat.

    Yes, I have tried those Honey Stinger Organic Chews - I love the Cherry Blossom flavor. The only reason I tried the too big Clif Shot Blok was because I wanted to experiment with caffeine.

  7. Nutrition on the run is so important. I am trying to phase away from the sports candy to more natural foods, but yesterday the Sports Beans with caffeine saved me. They are tiny, but they sometimes they melt and stick together into a giant glob.

  8. Every time I see your pictures I die a little bit from jealousy. You have such beautiful scenery to run through!


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