iFitness Neoprene Double Pouch Belt Review

The Green Girl purchased an iFitness Neoprene Double Pouch at the San Francisco Marathon expo.

I've been running with a Nathan Speed 4 hydration belt for a few years now and I absolutely love it but I was looking for something more minimal for my shorter runs when hydration isn't necessary. My primary requirement was that I could carry my mobile phone, a key, and my camera.

The majority of the runners I know own Spibelts and absolutely swear by them. I was hesitant to purchase a Spibelt because I felt the pockets were too flimsy and I was concerned I would have difficulty accessing my camera on my runs. I'm not exactly the most coordinated Green Girl around.

The iFitness belt initially caught my eye because the pockets appeared more sturdy than those on the Spibelt. The salespeople at the expo were demonstrating the belt's capacity by filling one of the pouches with an iPhone and several gel packets.
The Neoprene Double Pouch consists of two sweat resistant neoprene pockets. The pouch on the right features an internal credit card sized pocket. The outside fabric features two reflective strips.

The single pouch model featured elastic loops on the belt for stuffing gel packets. Unfortunately, the double pouch belt didn't come with those loops. I asked the salesperson if they were going to offer that in the future and they suggested I get the single pouch if I wanted that feature. I was also disappointed that there wasn't an attached lanyard for a key but I figured I could stuff my car key in the internal pocket.

I ultimately went with the double pouch belt because there was no way I could fit anything besides my camera in one of the pockets.

After wearing the belt on a few runs, I became accustomed to having to use both hands to put my camera back in the belt. Truth be told, I would have preferred for the inner pocket to have been on the left side so my camera would be on the right side but it's not a huge deal.

In conclusion, I really like my iFitness Neoprene Double Pouch belt. You can tell a lot of thought was put into its design. The soft neoprene conforms easily to your body and is comfortable. The wide belt is easy to adjust and keeps the pack from bouncing.


  1. :) Glad you like it! I am in LOOOOOOOOVE with mine. I love how it doesn't bounce! and how you got green and I got pink... PERFECT!

  2. I bought the iFitness belt but the model with the Gel loops...bad choice for me. I should've gotten the double pocket one. I lost a couple of gels and some gel packet tops would rub against my skin. No fun. :(
    Glad you like your double pocket one!

  3. Cool review. It would probably be a good idea to give a choice of how the pockets were arranged.

  4. Rad Runner Girl, yup, we got our respective colors!

    Her Name is Rio, thanks for mentioning the irritation from the gel packets rubbing - you're helping lessen my buyer's remorse!

  5. I haven't started running with the camera yet, but I am getting pretty itchy looking at all your great shots on the trails.

    I may need to invest in one of these.

  6. And Lookie there, it has a GREEN zipper...perfect!

  7. I'm so glad you like it! I had the original iFitness (more "flimsy" material) and I just got the neoprene single pouch at the SF marathon expo and I LOVE it especially because it protects my phone form sweat. Great review!!!

  8. I've heard a lot of good things about this product from everyone who owns one. Looks like I may need to make an investment before my next long race....


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