AIDS Walk Long Beach, Red Ribbon Run, and Pet Walk

On Saturday, the Green Girl ran in the AIDS Walk Long Beach Red Ribbon Run 5k hosted by the Long Beach AIDS Foundation with Betty and Jim from Sole Runners.

According to the event's website:
Long Beach and the South Bay area agencies seem not to receive any funding from other AIDS Walks or AIDS Rides in other cities, yet our area ranks #2 in the State of California on HIV per capita.
I was more than happy to help support such a great local cause.

The majority of the participants were walkers so only a handful of runners lined up for the Red Ribbon Run.

The organizer announced that the software they decided to use for this year's registration didn't include a field to designate sex. He let us know he was going to call bib numbers so individuals could come forward in the cases where they weren't able to guess based on your name if you were male or female. This sent a few chuckles throughout the crowd.

The run started just west of Shoreline Village. We ran east towards the Bike Path.

I had initially planned on walking the distance because I had woken up with a slight fever but by the time the race started, I felt like running.

My favorite costume was one of The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. It was an Asian-inspired outfit with green make-up complete with fake green eyelashes and a green beard.

The Pet Walk appeared to be the most popular of the morning's activities.

After the run, we met up with another Sole Runner, Babak, and had breakfast at The Potholder.

I spent the afternoon at the Long Beach Coin Expo with the The Elongated Collectors (TEC).

I love collecting smushed pennies. My hobby was what inspired me to do the Penny For Your Thoughts fundraiser for Angelman Syndrome.


  1. Sounds like a fantastic event, Mary! Great job!

  2. So cooL! I am glad you went! I might have to do it next year with you :)
    p.S. I LOVE the new layout & Updated lil Green Girl Mascot!

  3. For the run, did you go to the Pier and back? They had us walkers turn up the hill at Junipero and walk back along Ocean. Definitely not expecting that hill....

  4. Thank you, LA Badger and Rad Runner!

    Greg, for the 5k, we didn't run all the way to the Pier but I'm assuming the 10k runners did.

    I can't believe the walkers had to climb that hill!


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