Summer Solstice Watermelon 5 Mile Run Race Report

The Green Girl did the Summer Solstice Watermelon 5 Mile Run yesterday with Rad Runner Girl and her Sole Runners friend, Michelle.

The race management company, Try-Us Events, donates a portion of the proceeds from every race to support local school physican education programs. The race was held here in Long Beach at El Dorado Park.

As we were walking to the registration tables, we spotted Penny and her son. I admired her personalized technical shirt featuring her blog logo.

We picked up our bibs and goodie bags and dropped all the stuff at the car before we headed to the Start Line.

True to form, Rad Runner Girl made her way to the very front while Michelle and I settled in the back with some other Sole Runners.

The watermelon theme was consistent throughout the race. It made you feel like you were at a summer BBQ.

Although the race started at 6:00 PM, it was still really warm and I was not a happy green camper. So much for June Gloom. At least the trees provided some respite from the hot sun.

El Dorado provided a scenic route for the race. We ran the perimeter of a large duck pond and even passed an archery range.

I felt course marking was an area for improvement. Michelle and I actually got lost and weren't sure where to go. And we weren't the only ones - we encountered some runners who had strayed and were actually running in the wrong direction!

Since I'm familiar with the park, I suggested we head back when I felt like the mileage was appropriate.

Penny and Rad Runner Girl were faithfully waiting for us at the Finish Line.

I was thrilled to see there were still finisher watermelons left. I eagerly accepted my watermelon. They also had plenty of food and beverages. I love back-of-the-pack-friendly races.

The race organizers generously raffled off watermelon-themed prizes in addition to the age group awards. Penny got a watermelon umbrella and Michelle got a plastic watermelon sun tea dispenser. Rad Runner Girl got watermelon bubbles with a tiny watermelon cap.

The Green Girl was the exception to the watermelon rule. I won a digital camcorder!

Winning the digital camcorder totally made up for the poorly marked course and all was forgiven as far as I was concerned.


  1. Great post! As I am "True to Form" up front at the race, I know that when I read your race report, I will read no other that will be more accurate then yours! :)

    I still can't believe you won that awesome prize!
    We are definitely doing this one again!

  2. what an awesome raffle gift you won!!! How exciting!!!

    It was fantastic seeing you-I love running small local races where I know people!! It makes it so nice!

  3. I love the idea of a watermelon run! How fun! That is AWESOME that you won a camcorder! Wow! I won a raffle (Road ID bracelet) at a race in January, and that far overshadowed the race itself. I was so excited to have won something. Besides the poor course markings, it sounds like you had a fun day.

  4. Nice one! Great prize to win! Sounds like a fun race. I like that idea of a t-shirt with blog logo.

  5. That is so cool you won a camcorder!!! Totally worth the heat and getting lost! Maybe next year they need to place little painted watermelons along the course route so you can just follow away.


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