The Back of the Packers Rattlesnake Encounter

The Green Girl managed to make it to the Sole Runners Tuesday night trail run after an usually hectic day at work yesterday.

Rad Runner Girl joined us once again and appears to have become a permanent fixture on the these runs.

As usual, I ran with the back of the packers, Michelle and Rozie.

Rozie and I were running slightly ahead of Michelle when we heard the characteristic hiss of a rattlesnake. Rozie actually spotted the snake in the brush. We sprinted ahead and when we felt we were at a safe distance, we started yelling for Michelle to watch out for the snake. We instructed her to run on the left side of the trail to avoid the rattlesnake's general vacinity but she panicked and froze.

We finally coaxed her into continuing the run but we were all uneasy after the encounter.

I'm going to research the proper protocol for responding to a snake bit and look into purchasing a snake bite kit so I will be prepared should one of us end up getting bitten in the future.

As the evening progressed, the sky cleared and we were able to catch a glimpse of the sun setting.

After our run, we laid out our yoga mats and stretched in the parking lot. I commented that I wished I had my foam roller with me and Rozie pulled a little one foot roller out of her trunk. It felt so good to roll right after the run. I'm going to look into getting a small one to keep in my car with my mat.


  1. Looks so pretty! The snake would probably freak me out--I guess a small price you have to pay for great trails.

  2. Ha Ha, a permanent fixture :) It made me laugh right out loud!

    I am so glad you guys were all ok with Mr. Snake! I would have had half a heart attacK! Good idea about the snake kit too!

    P.S. I loved the fact that you had your yoga mat, it MADE me stretch.. and I really needed it this time!You rock

  3. Eeek! We had a snake encounter on an early early morning run in the winter . . . Some other runners warned us it was ahead of us on the path so we were all edgy even after we passed it in the pitch dark.

  4. That can be scary but is exciting at the same time. I actually like snakes. Good idea to keep a kit handy, you never know. Lovely pics.

  5. Thank you for giving me encouragement on my blog! Your trails and ocean views are gorgeous, but the snakes would freak me out. I'm running in a flat neighborhood in the middle of the San Joaquin Valley. Not much to look at unless there's a clear day with mountain views.

  6. Crazy encounter - glad you didn't have your Ipod blaring so you could hear the rattle! The snakes in Maine are not poisonous so we are lucky. Awesome pictures!

  7. Yikes! I've seen a couple so far this year. This time of year is always rattlesnake time and it pays to be vigilant.

    Actually the best thing for a rattlesnake bite? Call 911. Snakebite kits are generally not to be used unless you are *hours* away from help. Keep the victim resting and calm. You might want to take a shoestring and tie it loosely about a foot above the bite. Don't restict blood flow. The key to recovery is to get the victim to a hospital where antivenin shots can be administered. Anything else (e.g., cutting the bite to eextract venom) actually does more harm than good.

  8. It looks so pretty, too bad it has it's share of not so pretty reptiles! Yes, a good idea to be prepared if one strikes. I think I'm sticking to lots of concrete when I go back and run there again!

  9. Glenn, I went to the doctor yesterday and I was asking him what to do in the event someone gets bitten by a rattlesnake and he essentially said to get to the ER as quickly as possible. He admitted that if you're up in the mountains, it will be difficult for paramedics to reach you.

    He said I can get a kit if that will make me feel better. I probably will - just for peace of mind.


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