The Green Girl Is Struggling To Find A Balance

The Green Girl is struggling to find a balance between increasing her mileage in preparation for the San Francisco Half Marathon and staying healthy and injury-free.

Since I switched over to the 1012's, I haven't felt any posterior tibial tendonitis pain. My plantar fasciitis has improved as well.

I've been very conservative on my mileage up to this point. I finally feel the confidence to get some longer runs in but I also need to keep a close eye on my acidity levels. I'm finding The Ultimate Workout Log really helpful because it enables me to track exactly how I'm feeling each day. In addition to energy and pH levels, I'm tracking things like stress levels and swollen lymph nodes.

June has become an exceptionally busy month so I need to be careful not to push myself too hard.


  1. Just follow the 10% rule and you should be ok! Good luck

  2. Thank you, Miss Zippy! I had dinner with a good friend tonight and we went over my training schedule and I'm feeling much better about it now.

  3. Just relax about everything. Enjoy what you're doing and don't push to hard.

  4. I like the longer runs because I can relax and run slower. Trails help with that. Enjoy!

  5. Wow, you're so accurate in logging everything. I wish I were more like that. I should go check out those shoes!

  6. I definitely admire your devotion to running and how much work you put into overcoming your obstacles! Hopefully it all works out for you in the SF half-marathon :-)


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