The Green Girl's Chicago Experience and Resort Run

In addition to doing the SkirtSports Skirt Chaser 5k, the Green Girl did her best to cover all the the obligatory Chicago tourist attractions.

I visited Millennium Park and admired the Jay Pritzker Pavilion. I took multiple pictures of my reflection at The Bean.

I witnessed people lining up for the annual Puerto Rican Parade. I walked by Shedd Aquarium. I marveled at the elaborate Buckingham Fountain.

I walked along Lakefront Trail and gazed back at the Chicago skyline. I ate a Chicago dog. I had mediocre deep dish pizza at Lou Malnati's and amazing stuffed crust pizza at Giordano's.

I was the 1,860,733rd visitor to the Sears Willis Tower's Skydeck. I smushed pennies to add to my collection. I walked around Navy Pier.

On Sunday, we took the Metra Rail out to the suburbs to the Oak Brook Hills Marriot Resort.

I woke up early Monday morning to try and beat the heat with a short run. The sky was filled with dark, ominous clouds that cleared as the sun came up.

I headed out towards the main road but quickly lost interest due to the lack of scenery.

I turned around and headed out to the Willow Crest Golf Club adjacent to the hotel. I had caught glimpses of the golf club through the chain-link fence and it looked like a runner's paradise. I saw beautiful water fountains and ponds. There was a paved path that wound through the course and even crossed over bridges.

I was happily running along the pavement until I spotted this sign that stated running or walking on paths is not permitted.

I couldn't believe it. I froze in my tracks and angrily snapped a shot of the sign. I was so disappointed. How could they deny runners and walkers the opportunity to experience this beauty?

Defeated, I walked back to the front of the hotel. That's when I spotted a small marshland area. I ran over and was delighted to see a gravel path.

As I approached, it was as if the scene suddenly came to life. Chirping echoed from all directions. Miniature birds with bright yellow bodies flew out of the trees. Giant dragonflies hovered above the foliage.

This little wetland was like a tiny wildlife oasis between the hotel and a subdivision.

I decided to run through the neighborhood just to check it out. From what I could see, there weren't any single family homes, only duplexes.

There was a large billboard advertising that the prices started at $699,000.

The morning had warmed considerably so I opted to head back to the hotel to shower and get ready to take the Metra back into the city.


  1. I love Chicago--such a great city. But I'm quite sure the winters would kill me!

  2. That sign really sucks! I’m not keen on golf as it is and now I can add this to my “why I don’t like golf” list. It is nice to see new places while running.

  3. Johann, my sister mentioned this to a couple of her friends who golf and they said walking/running is never allowed on golf courses. I could understand if I was running on the grass and getting in the way of flying balls but it was early morning and the course was deserted. I agree that this made me very unhappy with golf - and I've never even tried the sport.

  4. The golf course was beautiful. That stinks that you couldn't run there.

  5. Ah, totally love Chicago...for a visit. Grew up only a couple hours from there and we'd go for a long weekend and have a blast, but I was always ready to go home...too many people and summer's are hot and sticky and winter's are brutally cold. That marsh area looks totally cool, glad you got to enjoy that!!


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