The Barn Owl Trail Run

Rad Runner Girl joined the Green Girl on another Sole Runners Tuesday night trail run last night.

I am very grateful to the Palos Verdes Peninsula Land Conservancy for affording us such beautiful trails to run on. Thanks to this group, 1,200 acres of open space on the south side of the Palos Verdes Peninsula will be preserved in perpetuity.

The trails are shared by hikers, runners, trail cyclists, and even the occasional horse.

We explored some of the more challenging trails last night. I had suffered from severe allergies all weekend and the congestion was affecting my breathing. I struggled to keep up with the group.

As we climbed the first incline, my right calf cramped up and I had to walk off the pain. I can only assume my labored breathing could have attributed to the calf discomfort.

When we hit the grueling Barn Owl Trail, I was forced to shuffle slowly up the hill. My heart rate skyrocketed to 189.

A couple of miles in, my calf loosened up and the wheezing dissipated. My spirits lifted and I finally settled into my run.

As we headed back, the onshore marine layer clouded the Palos Verdes sky and cloaked the setting sun in its ominous fog.


  1. That run was no less then AMAZING! You did great on it, horrid allergies and all! Our game is someone else's punishment! GO US! Can't wait for another trail Freaking run!

  2. Great trails you run on! I often battle up the steep hills on trail runs. Somehow I always recover and then I feel great. Nice pics!


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