Sole Runners Sunset Yoga

This evening, the Green Girl joined the Sole Runners for Sunset Yoga at Bluff Park. One of the Sole Runners, Larry, leads the weekly session.

I had an unusually stressful week and I felt like I really needed to unwind. My automatic reaction was to want to out for a run but since I'll be doing the Wrigley River Run tomorrow morning, I decided yoga was a better option.

I've mentioned in the past how I am not a fan of yoga but I always enjoy yoga sessions with the Sole Runner.

I really appreciated Larry's slower approach this evening. He did a number of moves to open up the hips and it felt really good.

My favorite yoga pose is Eka Pada Rajakapotasana (Pigeon Pose) because my hip flexors are always really tight. I could really feel the tension being released as we held that pose.

After yoga, I headed over to the Belmont Brewing Company with Betty and Jim for some dinner. The Baked Tuscan Tomato soup topped with a pastry crust was amazing.

I'm planning on heading over to the Wrigley River Run early tomorrow so I can help my friend, Candy, set up her Beauty & Wellness Day Spa booth. Candy and one of her massage therapists will be offering free massages to the race participants.


  1. I've never done yoga and must really try this at some stage. Everyone always rave about it.

  2. Johann, I'm really not a huge yoga fan at all but I do really like the poses that help open up the muscles that get really tight from running.


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