The First Los Angeles Angelman Syndrome Foundation National Walk Was A Success

Chalk Angel at the Los Angeles Angelman Syndrome Foundation National Walk
The Green Girl is thrilled to report that the first Los Angeles Angelman Syndrome Foundation National Walk was a success.

Preliminary walk figures show a total of more than $874,000 was raised nationwide for the Angelman Syndrome Foundation.

The final numbers have not yet been tallied but we had over 250 participants and 50 student volunteers.

Los Angeles Angelman Syndrome Foundation National Walk Registration Table
As I mentioned back in January when we first started planning this event, we chose Shane's Inspiration Universally Accessible Playground as the location.

There were a total of two volunteers who undertook the task of organizing this event, a father of an child with Angelman Syndrome, Pankaj, and me.

Los Angeles Angelman Syndrome Foundation National Walk participant goodie bags
Neither one of us had any prior experience with event coordination but we are both passionate about the cause and we were determined to make it happen.

I used my project management skills to put together a project plan using free project management software from huddle.com and Pankaj and I tried our best to whittle away at the seemingly endless list of tasks.

I reached out to a friend who had event planning experience and leaned heavily on her for support throughout the process.

The Los Angeles Angelman Syndrome Foundation National Walk

Every time a family approached me on Saturday and told me how happy they were that there was finally a walk right here in Los Angeles, I had to choke back tears.

The Green Girl and her niece, Jade, with some of the Los Angeles Angelman Syndrome Foundation National Walk volunteers
My niece, Jade, and I made the rounds, thanking all the participants. Jade signed ::thank you:: as I expressed my gratitude for their support of our walk.

I was filled with so many emotions as my niece and I walked hand in hand up and down the 0.2 mile sidewalk course.

Team Pirate Isaac 2011
My heart burst with happiness when my niece signed ::pirate:: when we walked by Team Pirate Isaac 2011.

There was something about seeing the Team Pirate Isaac 2011 family proudly carrying that banner made all the hours of hard work worth it.

Pankaj, we did it!


  1. Wow!ll congrats on your Amazing success with fundraising and event planning.

  2. Congratulations on your very successful event! You inspire many others, including me. Well done!

  3. wow, that is amazing! I'm so happy everything came together for you!

  4. Event planning can be intense! Congrats on your success!! What a great cause. :)

  5. Congratulations on a successful event! It's a lot of hard work, but as you know, it's so worth it.

    Jade sounds like a cutie pie! I'm going to look up the sign for pirate...that sounds like a fun one to know. :D

  6. Congratulations on your event - looks like a great day and I'm sure it meant a lot to many of the people involved - sounds like it was a great fundraiser as well!

  7. Congrats on such a big effort and making it a success! You raised some serious cash. Very inspiring!

  8. Congratulations!! What an amazing event, it must feel so good to have seen it all come together.

  9. You are awesome!!! Great great job!!! :)

  10. What a wonderful event to be a part of and to plan. Looks as though you did a stellar job!
    Glad it was such a success.

  11. Congratulations on putting together such a meaningful event! The preliminary numbers are awesome!

  12. You raised some great money, how awesome! Loving chalk angle on the sidewalk, so cute!! :)

    Sorry you're not going to be in Denver to meet up, hopefully one day soon!

  13. CONGRATULATIONS MARY! What a fantastic amount of $$! You have got to be the must proactive fundraising runner participant out there!!

  14. Way to go!!! Congratulations!

  15. you should be beyond proud! that is an amazing success


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