The Grid : Revolutionary Foam Roller Review

Last year, the Green Girl purchased The Grid : Revolutionary Foam Roller.

I had been looking for a compact foam roller to store in my car trunk for use after runs when I came across the Revolution Foam Roller.

From past experience, I understand the importance of a high density foam roller. After flattening a couple of rollers, I finally purchased a 36" roller that contained a 5" PVC core with 1" polyethylene exterior foam. I love my PVC core foam roller and I use it religiously.

The Grid is manufactured by Trigger Point Performance Therapy and features their trademarked Distrodensity Zones, Matrix Technology and an environmentally friendly design.

The Grid is 13" long and 5" in diameter so it's perfect to store in my car and according to the description, it is designed to withstand constant, heavy, and repeated use without breaking down.

After using it for about a year, I can attest to the roller's durability. It has spent many hours in the trunk of my car under the hot sun and it didn't warp or melt in any way. The PVC core has withstood the weight of my body and the roller has maintained its shape.

The roller is also really easy to carry around - I just stick my arm through it and hold it from the bottom and then I can tuck my rolled yoga mat under that same arm.

I must admit that I have a hard time differentiating between the Distrodensity Zones when I'm rolling on it but that does not diminish my satisfaction with this product.

It also didn't hurt that it came in my second favorite color, orange.

For home use, I prefer a longer foam roller but the Revolutionary Foam Roller's compact size makes it portable and convenient for use on the go.


  1. I've heard some good reviews on this roller but yours is tops! Glad it's working for you...I wonder if I could get my calves rolled out on it somehow...

  2. Great review, Wondered what this one was like.

  3. I didn't know they made a small sized one like that!

  4. Nice review. I've been wondering what people think of those things.

  5. Thanks for this, young lady. I've been wondering about these and where to begin.


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