The Green Girl Partied in Las Vegas

The Green Girl on her way to Las Vegas
What happens in Vegas...

The Green Girl partied the weekend away at her first bachelorette party in Las Vegas.

We started the celebration off Friday evening with the quintessential Las Vegas dining experience, the all-you-can-eat buffet.

Thunder From Down Under Tiara
We followed that with non-stop Australian six-pack abs at the Thunder From Down Under show at Excalibur.

As we were walking around, a couple of club promoters gave us passes to Cathouse and LAX at Luxor.

We played some slots before we headed to the club.

Free SKYY Vodka bottle service at Cathouse
At Cathouse, we ended up getting free SKYY Vodka bottle service all night long. Lemon-lime soda, cranberry and orange juice was also provided.

Unfortunately for me, the non-drinker, they refused to give me free tap water and instead insisted I pay $6 for an overpriced bottle of Evian.

We all got our groove on as we danced the night away.

Saturday morning, I slept through my alarm and never went out for a run.

In the afternoon, the bride-to-be's mother and sister threw a bachelorette party in their suite.

The Green Girl won the 'Kiss the Stud' Game
We guessed fun facts about the bride and tried to unscramble bachelorette party words.

We played 'Kiss the Stud' and somehow I managed to stick my kiss sticker closer than anyone else. ::blushes::

We matched wedding traditions to the originating superstition or folklore. I learned that the wedding finger contains the 'vein of love' and the bride stands to the left of the groom so his left arm will be free to defend his bride. (I'm not sure if this custom can be reversed for left-handed grooms?)

PURE Nightclub
We hung out on the Strip before we headed home to get ready for our final night on the town.

We started off at PURE Nightclub at Caesar's.

The rooftop offered a nice view overlooking the Strip.

We stayed out way too late and I slept through my alarm on Sunday and missed my run once again but we did manage to wake up in time to catch our flight back home.

...ends up on Facebook the next day! JetBlue Pilot


  1. Glad you had fun in Vegas. It's hard to be a non-drinker in Vegas -- Kudos to you! Outrageous that they charge so much for water!!!

    I don't do Vegas, but I can get into an all you can eat Buffet.

    Thanks for sharing your first ever bachlorette (spelling? I can't see your blog to check when I'm commenting) party. Very hard to get in a run on vacation. I've tried many times, and they are the hardest runs. Having fun with friends is just as important as running (sometimes : )

  2. Sounds like a fun weekend! Boo on charging for water--crazy! But I guess they figure if you're not imbibing, you're not dropping money on the tables.

  3. Dancing the night away is great exercise!

  4. Sounds like a great weekend!

  5. crazy how the booze is free and the water? welcome to vegas!

  6. Vegas = mixed up place. I'm there too often, but I'm glad you had a great time.

  7. The Green Girl in Vegas...I never thought I'd see the day.:) Glad it was a good party. Take the missed runs as some well earned rest.

  8. Hahah - loving the closest kiss award...you little devil, you! :)

    Sounds like such a blast. I've been to Vegas a few times but always with my family en route to California and it's just not the family fun place they make it out to be. I bet girlfriends would be so much more fun!

  9. Sounds like a fun weekend! I've never been to Vegas, but it sure sounds like an adventure! Don't be hard on yourself for missing your runs. Having a break every now and then is just as important as staying diligent!

  10. Grrrr - charging for water. Never heard of the kiss the bachelor game, too cute. I like Vegas for short visits only.

  11. sounds like you had a really fun weekend! :) it's okay to be laid back and skip a few workouts occasionally.


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