Serfas LT-2 Medium Speed Bag Review

Green Serfas LT-2 Medium Speed Bag
Last week, the Green Girl purchased a green Serfas LT-2 Medium Speed Bag to carry all of Lexa's essentials.

The water resistant Serfas LT-2 Medium Speed Bag features an expandable bottom zippered section, a mesh pocket on the inside flap with a key connector, reflective trim, a dual-zippered enclosure, rear strap for light attachment, and Velcro straps.

The wedge has a volume of 72.62 cubic inches but can be increased additional 45.59 cubic inches when the expansion section is unzipped.

Road biking essentials
All of Lexa's essentials fit easily in the saddle bag:

Road biking essentials inside the Serfas LT-2 Medium Speed Bag
I was impressed by how much could fit inside the little wedge.

Inside the compartment, there is an elastic on one side and a pocket on the other.

With some effort, I slid the rolled spare tube into the elastic and I tucked the emergency Co2 in the pocket.

Zip expansion option
I clipped my red metro.net flashing light to the rear strap. I will also add some first aid essentials in the event of an emergency.

When I went for my longer ride this weekend, I was able to slide a few snacks in there, too. This made me happy since I love to eat.

The bag feels sturdy and well constructed but not overly heavy.

I would imagine opening up the zipped expansion section would make the bag bulky but it's nice to have that option available should I need it.

Serfas LT-2 Medium Speed Bag straps
The bag easily attaches to the two vertical bars on the bottom of the saddle with the two top Velcro straps. A third strap on the rear of the bag attaches to the stem.

The flap is designed to be somewhat stiff so if you were to forget to zip it back up, your items will more than likely still be secured.

The Green Girl's new Serfas LT-2 Medium Speed Bag
The bag is sized so that it doesn't stick out beyond the saddle.

I was concerned the wedge would swing with the movement of the bike but I was thrilled to discover the wedge was completely unobtrusive.

I would recommend the Serfas LT-2 Medium Speed Bag without hesitation to any cyclist looking for a practical, reasonably priced wedge.

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  1. Thanks for your review on this bag. I found this bag on Amazon but they don't include any extra pictures of the bag, so I went googling and found your blog with the extra pictures. It definitely helps to be able to see just how everything will fit. I need a new bag and I think this one is at the top of my list now. :) Thanks!


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