The Green Girl's First Long Ride with Lexa

Lexa on the Huntington Beach Bicycle Trail
After the success of the first Los Angeles Angelman Syndrome National Walk the day before, the Green Girl was ready to take Lexa out for their first long ride on the Huntington Beach Bicycle Trail Sunday afternoon.

I hadn't gotten a workout in since Thursday morning and I was anxious to get in a nice, long ride.

I parked my car at Bolsa Chica State Beach and headed south on the bike path.

I was pleased to see how more comfortable pedaling was after adjusting the saddle height last week.

I was looking forward to going on a longer ride sans time constraints since most of my rides so far have been in the morning before work.

The cycling experience is vastly different from running. It was good practice for me to learn to maneuver around the foot traffic, skate boarders, and beach cruisers. Interestingly enough, I found the runners and non-beach cruiser riders were more likely to have better beach path manners.

Lexa on the Santa Ana River Trail
A few miles south of the Huntington Beach Pier, I noticed a lot of cyclists branching off to a fork on the right. I decided to follow their lead and ended up on an underpass below Pacific Coast Highway.

There was a sign designating the route as the Santa Ana River Trail.

I was thrilled to have found a way to continue riding without ever getting near a road.

The Santa Ana River Trail
I've discovered I have a hard time maintaining balance if I take a hand off the handlebars. I have to pull over and stop if I want to take a sip of water.

I yearn to snap pictures like I do when I'm running but there's no way I could do that while riding. The cool part is that I can have Lexa pose for my pictures when we're out for a ride.

My knees were feeling good but my lower back was getting progressively tighter and the saddle was starting to hurt. I decided I would look for a good turnaround point.

Lexa's first ride over a wooden bridge
I saw a wooden bridge in the distance. I was wondering if Lexa could ride over wooden planks when I saw a guy on a road bike cross over it.

Excited but nervous, I gingerly rolled onto the bridge. It wasn't as bumpy as I'd expected.

Instead of crossing over to the other side, I decided this was a good time to head back since my lower back was really sore and tight.

We ended up doing 22.1 miles on our first long ride.


  1. Lexa-I like it! Where do you live? I'm so jealous of all of your BEAUTIFUL pictures!

  2. Reading about all these anthropomorphised bikes is starting to make me think I should name my running shoes. :-)

  3. yeah, journey of the riding green girl. I cross that bridge 2x a week sometimes and its usually not light out yet :-)

  4. Nice ride!! I like to see my twin's bike out there cruising along the Cali coast!! :) I rode long last weekend too and blogged that my butt was so uber tired of that seat - bleh!!

  5. 22 miles! Great job and such gorgeous pictures!

    I don't balance very well with just one hand either. I was always (still am) jealous of those who can ride with no hands. Way cool!

  6. That's a great first long ride! Awesome job. :)

  7. Good job!
    BTW, I love your bike and maneuvering around two and four legged traffic on a bike IS a challenge. And then there are kids...

  8. 22 miles on Lexa.

    you know I love that.

    I think she's kinda purty too.

    love the photos --- as always!

  9. awesome job!! it's always fun to just randomly come across new paths/trails/neighborhoods when you're exercising.

  10. It took me a pretty long time to take one hand off the handlebars to either get a drink. Taking a photo while riding...that came a long time later...and it still makes me nervous!

    22 miles is a nice ride!

  11. I am expecting many more pics of your bike in more pretty places! :) Nice ride!

  12. nice job!

    It took me a lot of time to get used to balancing to be able to drink water while riding, I still find it a little tough. Glad you enjoyed your ride!

  13. i don't think you understand what I'd do to be that close to a beach

  14. I'm not a bike rider, but 22 miles, great job I say!
    Your photos are beautiful and I feel as though I may live vicariously through you today, as I'm looking at snow : )


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