SanDisk Sansa Clip+ MP3 Player Review

The Green Girl received the SanDisk Sansa Clip+ MP3 Player that was on her holiday wish list from her sister last Christmas.

I went from my 512 mb Creative Zen Nano Plus to a 4 gb device that could store up to 1,000 songs.

In addition to the internal memory, the Sansa includes a microSD/microSDHC memory slot for additional expansion.

The reason why I wanted a replacement player had nothing to do with the limited storage capacity.

Despite the fact that both devices were manufactured back in 2005, the Zen Nano Plus lacked a number of features offered on the iRiver iFP-795T and I became unhappy with the device.

I ultimately chose the Sansa Clip+ for the following reasons:
  • The OLED screen
  • The Sansa Clip+ only weighs 0.92 ounces
  • The convenience of the built-in clip
  • The device is reasonably priced

I've taken it on a handful of runs and trips to the gym and I must say that I am extremely satisfied with my Sansa Clip+. The small size makes it easy to carry and the clip is very convenient.

The menu structure is straight forward and intuitive. I like how audio books and podcasts are separated from music. The controls are easy to maneuver without looking and are perfect for use while running.

My biggest complaint was easily remedied after a little research.

Out of the box, the Sansa Clip+ had a really low output threshold. I discovered the noise limit was imposed by the European Commission. After I chose 'Americas' as my region, I was able to pump up the volume to my heart's content.

The Sansa Clip+ also includes a digital FM tuner with 40 presets and a built-in microphone for recording.

As far as I can tell, the only downside of the Sansa Clip+ is that it doesn't come with a software package that allows you to easily make playlists.

With the SanDisk Sansa Clip+, I've finally found a suitable replacement for my beloved iRiver iFP-795T.


  1. the microphone idea is cool, because sometimes i get really creative and come up with some awesome ideas on a run (mostly writing ideas) and then by the time i'm home, i've mostly forgotten what i thought up! *lol* i might have to check this one out.

  2. This looks like a really cool toy I could drool over.
    Then I realized that I am quite happy with the player on my phone. I love gadgets, I just don't have enough room
    to carry them all. :)

  3. nice little review ... how heavy is it compared to an iPhone or iPod Touch?

  4. That is so weird about the volume being different for Europe and U.S. Glad you like the new gadget!

  5. Andrew, the Sansa clip weighs twice as much as the iPod shuffle. 0.97 ounces compared to 0.44 ounces.

  6. I like the idea of the microphone - a lot goes through my head during my runs - it could be helpful to record the thoughts that are worth remembering:)

  7. I saw you post this (I know I am late) and I want to ask if you have issues with the battery life.

    I bought one of these around Christmas and if I let it set for a couple days without using it the battery goes dead... even when not using it.

    If I use it the battery life is good, but without using it at all it seems to go dead very quick.

    Just curious.

  8. Tim, I would return your device - it sounds like there's an issue with it. I only run with mine on occasion, when I'm in the mood for some music, and I've never had an issue with it being dead.

    Honestly, since December, I've only connected it to the computer a handful of times - it is able to retain its power.

  9. Hmmm, not good since I have had it 6 months now :) I don't use it often either.

    This was the second one I got already since the first one was defective.

  10. Really? Yeah, I would contact them immediately.

    The good battery life was actually one of the things I really liked about my Clip.

    What was wrong with the first one?

  11. I don't completely remember since it was 6 months ago, but I somewhat remember there being issues with it locking up and requiring a complete reset. It happened to me on a couple of long runs which was really irritating. I got 60 minutes into my run and into the podcast and it locked. I had 5 miles before getting home and no tunes :)

  12. Bleh, that really sucks. I'm sorry to hear you are not having much luck with the Clip, Tim.

    Hope you can exchange this faulty one for a unit that works properly.


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