Nathan Sports Trail Mix Hydration Belt Review

Nathan Trail Mix Hydration Belt
The Green Girl recently purchased a green Nathan Trail Mix hydration belt.

I'm a huge fan of Nathan products. I started off with the Nathan Speed 4 back when I trained for my first marathon.

When it came time to replace that belt for a smaller one to fit my shrinking waist, I replaced it with another Nathan Speed 4.

I was planning on getting another replacement Speed 4 when I ran across a green Nathan Trail Mix at CitySports.com.

The Green Girl's new Nathan Sports Trail Mix side-by-side the Nathan Speed 4
Without hesitation, I placed my order and waited for my green hydration belt to arrive.

When the package arrived and I ripped it open, the green molded hosters were everything a Green Girl could dream her bottle holders to be.

I was surprised to see how compact the Trail Mix was compared to the Speed 4. The dimensions on the Trail Mix are 13"(W) x 2"(D) x 3.5"(H). Instead of a velcro fastener, there is a strap that adjusts to fit waists from 26" to 42".

According to the manufacturer, the belt's open construction was designed to dissipate heat and reduce chafing.

The Green Girl's new Nathan Sports Trail Mix rear zip pocket
I was pleased to see the spacious rear pocket with a zipper closure. The main compartment has a small internal pocket that includes a key connector.

I love this feature because I always anchor my car key to that hook and then I slide the secured key into the pocket flap so it's separated from the items stuffed in the main section.

The Nathan Sports Trail Mix rear velcro outside flap
There's a small mesh pouch on the outside that is secured with a velcro flap.

Towards the front of the belt there are shock cords with tension locks on either side.

I slid my Nathan pockets in the elastic bands and I was ready to go.

The Green Girl moved her Nathan Small Pockets to her Nathan Sports Trail Mix
I wasn't if I would like the adjustable strap after years of running with a velcro closure but it was surprisingly comfortable.

The back section of the belt is thicker and wider than the strap portion in front. I couldn't even feel the large plastic clip and once I tightened it, it remained snug.

The Green Girl running with her green Nathan Sports Trail Mix hydration belt
Like the Speed 4, there was minimal bouncing even with the weight of two bottles and my camera.

I thought I'd miss the Speed 4's additional front pocket but when my mobile phone fit perfectly in the rear outside mesh pocket, I was sold. This is actually an improvement because it's stored as far away as possible from my sweaty body.

I didn't think it was possible to improve upon the Speed 4 but Nathan managed to create hydration belt perfection with the green Trail Mix.

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  1. Nice looking belt! My only fear with a two bottle belt is that's not a lot of liquid if you're on a longer trail run. I use a 70 oz Nathan hydration pack myself.


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