Morning Ride and Saddle Adjustments on the Beach

Lexa on the Belmont Veterans Memorial Pier
The Green Girl took Lexa for a ride on the Shoreline Pedestrian Bikepath before work yesterday.

I really look forward to my morning rides. I love running but I really enjoy the sensation of the wind hitting my body and whipping through my hair as I ride down the beach path.

This was my first ride with a Serfas LT-2 Medium Speed Bag attached to Lexa's saddle. I was pleasantly surprised by how unobtrusive it was.

Road biking essentials
I filled the pouch with some road biking essentials:

Road biking essentials in my new Serfas LT-2 Medium Speed Bag
When I was fitted a couple of weeks ago, the saddle was lowered significantly. I went for a couple of rides and the insides of my knees really started to bother me.

Since I had my new multi-tool with me yesterday, I was able to stop and adjust the saddle height. I raised it a few times until it felt comfortable when I pedaled.

I'm still getting used to leaning forward as I'm riding and resisting the urge to sit up and hold the top of the handlebars. I observe other cyclists and the positioning looks so uncomfortable to me.

Stopping to adjust Lexa's saddle height
To ensure Lexa is properly fitted for me, I am going to schedule a professional fitting with Coach Steve. In addition to being the Sole Runners' head coach, he's also a USA Cycling Coach and USA Triathlon Coach.

Once I am confident we are properly fitted, I am going to start building up my mileage to prepare for Tour DaVita.


  1. You gave your bike such a pretty name!

  2. Lexa looks like a great bike! Glad you are going to get a good fitting--that makes all the difference.

  3. Riding along the beach...what a wonderful way to start your day! I'm so jealous!

    And such a gorgeous view; you're one lucky Green Girl!

  4. You are invited to ride with us. We will soon be launching some group rides out of Out-Spoken bikes in Sunset beach. ALL LEVELS WELCOME.

  5. Now I'm not only jealous of the bike, I'm also jealous of the setting to ride that bike. Great stuff - enjoy!

  6. Wow!! i am very impressed with your lovely post.. i am so glad to left comment on this..

  7. Oh she a beauty! I checked out your race page ~ Wow!! I bet it will be a gorgeous ride.

    That is a ton of milage and camping at night! I hope they provide really soft air mattresses for the riders.

    I am a bit jealous that looks like it will be such an awesome experience! What a great cause too!

  8. I think bike riding is such a compliment to running. I bike on days I don't run.

  9. This is a new and exciting adventure for you. I think it’s great that you are going for a cycling event. Motivates me to start preparations for some crazy event I have in the back of my mind. Not cycling, but some extreme running. I’m looking forward to follow your cycling training.

  10. Getting fitted for your bike makes a huge diff. espec. when you do more miles.
    I STILL haven't had my bike out. What a slacker.

  11. Congratulations again on your newest journey. I look forward to hearing how you prepare for the multi-day ride and how you train mentally. Way to go, Green Girl! We're all here supporting you!!


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