The Green Girl's Rockin' The Beach 'Duathlon'

Sole Runner Mentor, Barb, with her Rockin' The Beach Half Marathon Finishers Medal
The Green Girl paced a fellow Sole Runner, Barb, and her faithful four-legged companion, Sassy, this morning at the Rockin' The Beach Half Marathon.

The course went past Marina Vista Park and then looped back around Colorado Lagoon.

It was the perfect morning for a race. The air was cool and crisp and there was an occasional breeze.

Colorado Lagoon
Both Barb and Sassy completed a half marathon last week and they have two more races planned in the next couple of weeks. She wants to quality for Half Fanatics status.

I started off running but then I brought Lexa out for a ride.

I had gotten Lexa adjusted yesterday and I could really feel the difference. The seat was lowered so I could more easily step onto the saddle. The handlebars were also rotated slightly forward and it was much easier for me to rest my hands on the grips.

Lexa at Marina Vista Park
I felt like running again so I left Lexa behind and did another loop with Barb.

Each time I alternated, I had to switch Mr. Green Garmin's Sport Mode and I wondered if there was an easier way to toggle between modes.

The Green Girl forgot to take her helmet off for the running leg
As I was running, I realized I'd forgotten to take off my helmet and weight gloves.

I noticed a few people go by and then do a double take when they saw me running with a helmet.

I finished off the half marathon on the bike and Barb got her second medal in a week.


  1. Forgetting to take off your helmet to start a run is better than forgetting to put it on to start a ride...

    How did the bike ride?

  2. Sounds like fun. So cute that you were runnig in your helmet : )


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